ImproMedia is a multimedia production and software development company providing high quality solutions in the following domains: customized online applications, streaming solutions, development of multimedia applications, video production and 3D graphics.

Software Development

We develop customized software applications dedicated to production activities and services: CRM, ERP, SFA, BI, HR, mobile applications.

Our software applications provide real support in the running and forecasting of activities. e-Business solutions are integrated with web portals, they communicate with MySQL and oracle databases, are tailored to the company’s profile and obey the internal procedures, ISO or the current technological workflows.

Streaming Solutions

Livestream.ro is the first hands-on professional live streaming service! Webinar platform offers you an unlimited audience!

ImproMedia provides you with the simplest solution to broadcast your event live, in real time, around the globe. The streaming can be picked up by TV stations and broadcast in eter or you can make it available on your website.


ImproMedia is also a production studio for multimedia, audio-video production and 3D graphics.

Through the years the company has produced corporate videos, product presentation videos, industrial training videos, documentary features, advertising videos, feature stories, various publicity campaigns, 3D mockups and modeling for numerous corporate projects.


We offer you the complete solution for an interactive and responsive website, using cutting edge web technology tools.

On the basis of a visual identity project, ImproMedia designs presentation websites, product promotion websites, virtual shops, video/photo sharing websites, dating websites, educational websites, virtual libraries, various community websites, web portals, websites for travel agencies, newspapers, online magazines as well as complex intranet online applications.


E-learning platforms represent an interactive development, training and learning instrument, suitable for employees, pupils and students.

They are created using the latest web technological tools, thus ensuring portability on every device and include simultaneous communication modules, chat and video conferencing. These platforms can be integrated with virtual reality platforms, where users can interact through avatars.

Virtual Reality

We devise, design and implement IT solutions using cutting edge hardware and software technologies, specific to 3D graphics, AR and VR.

We design and implement high-performance solutions based on hardware and software technologies, specific to 3D graphics, virtual and augmented reality, for complex problem solving in various fields.